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Winter driving road-safety awareness

Get tips for safe driving in winter. 

Winter driving

Many animals travel in pairs or groups. If you see 1 animal on the road, assume others are nearby and slow down!

Tips for a safe trip

  • Slow down for wildlife – where there's 1 animal, there are often more. 
  • Get a grip. Get winter-rated tires.
  • Your tail lights are off, unless you turn them on.
  • Speed limits are for ideal conditions. How are they now?
  • If it's green now, it won't be for long. Be ready to stop.
  • Give yourself twice as much time to stop.
  • Snow plows are out there to keep you safe. Give them room to do their job.
  • Remove all ice and snow from your vehicle before you drive.
  • Never pass a snow plow or grader on its right side.
  • Give snow plows lots of space, about 5 car lengths.

Transport Canada winter driving tips

Outfox winter

Get a grip. Get winter-rated tires.
Tires that are not rated for winter driving harden in freezing temperatures. This significantly reduces your vehicle's traction.
Road and weather conditions

Road conditions

Always check road and weather conditions before travelling.
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